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A lifetime of comfort

Our products are built on beliefs and values that evolved through over a century of manufacturing. We construct our furniture with care and precision, and we hold ourselves accountable for every detail.

We believe the end result makes the extra effort worth the many years it lasts.

Beauty and comfort are individual.  Our furniture is customizable to fit your specific needs.

  • Hundreds of leather options

  • Styles from south-western to contemporary

  • Completely customizable configurations

  • Cushion firmness options

3 cups


3 cups


1½ cups



Explore hundreds of customizable styles from contemporary to traditional


Time tested comfort and legendary quality construction

Legacy Leather

A reputation built on comfort.

Canadian quality and eight-way

tied construction.

1200x4096r0 (2).jpg


Incredible design and custom leathers

Leather Italia

Exquisite design and long lasting durability


Our signature styles

Eleanor Rigby

Hand made custom leather


Leather Italia USA

Italian design meets American 

comfort and value.

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