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Leather and Fabric available
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Value:   Studies have shown on average leather last 5 times longer than fabric and leather fibers are 300 times stronger 

  • Durability: Treated leathers are amazingly stain, scratch, and puncture resistant. As a father of 3 I would only own leather. I simply live on my furniture and don't worry.  There is no need to wait until the kids grow up, it's quite the opposite. Leather stands the test of time, kids, pets, and real world use.

  • Comfort: Leather is constantly adjusting to its environment.  It is not hot in the summer or cold in the winter. 

  • Cleaning: Easy, easy, easy. Most leather can be cleaned with water.                            

  • Beauty: Contemporary, traditional, southwestern, or casual. Leather adds luxurious  beauty to any room.


PLEASE NOTE: The grain layer has no bearing on thickness of the leather

Choosing the right leather for your needs and lifestyle is one of the most important steps in purchasing the right leather furniture.


Leather facts and common misnomers


Fully Treated> Pigmented and Protected Leather

  • Top grain or full grain leather that has been aniline dyed then pigment dyed for maximum durability

  • Most durable to stains, scratches, and body oils

  • Most family and pet friendly

  • Highest wearability

  • Large selection of color and leather grain patterns

  • Most consistent in color and grain

Semi-Treated> Waxed, Semi-Aniline, & Distressed Leather

  • Top grain or full grain leather that has been aniline dyed then waxed, oiled, or other process to give distressing and unique look

  • Medium durability to stains and body oils

  • Designed to distress and age with character

  • Colors generally warm tones

  • Grain pattern and color natural and most varied

Full Aniline> Natural, Untreated Leather

  • Full grain leather that has been aniline dyed and has no other dye, pigment, wax, or oil added

  • Softest and most luxurious

  • Less durability to stains and body oils